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      ZhongShan WEIYUAN Mold Design & Manufacturing Co., Ltd  was established in March 2002. It locates in hometown of household appliance-- Dongfeng Town, Zhongshan City, within 800 meters From Guangzhou-Zhuhai high-speed FuDong export.
     Our company is committed to design and manufacture of automotive panel mold, and stamping auto parts. Products range from home appliances to electronics, we make large and medium-sized mold for many customers including overseas Japanese home appliances company, Guangzhou Automobile Honda, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota, Guangzhou Automobile Fiat and many other auto parts products company. After more than 10 years’ hard work, our enterprise has become supporting enterprises for design and processing of molds for auto parts. Our plant was developed from the initial start-up of 1000 m² to 4200 m² today and we have $ 15 million in fixed assets and we also have ISO / TS16949-2009 certification
     Our company power comes from our mission - to provide customers with products and services and to the needs of customers as the leading. Our company strategic vision - continue to go beyond ourselves in technological innovation, use efficient management to create humanistic value, to create a respected characteristics of the enterprise.
      Continuous improvement is our core, excellence is our eternal pursuit, we would like to go hand in hand with friends from all walks of life, create brilliance!